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  • Church and ministry websites loaded with features and options
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Decide what plan is best for you during the trial. After you create an account, you get access to all EZChurch site building features for 30 days.

Your website will be in a live preview mode while you are setting it up and testing. You'll receive a preview link so that you can view your trial website.

Your selected domain is not registered until you place an order, which you may do so any time during or after the trial.

You may order any of the hosting packages to convert your trial to a hosted account. At that time we will register and activate the domain name that you selected or provide the settings to use a domain that you already own (all of your customizations during the trial will remain intact).

At the end of your 30-day trial, if you decide not to place an order, your trial account will simply expire.

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Next, you will need to select an available domain name for your website.

If you already own a registered domain name that you would like to use, then skip down to Section 2 and enter the domain name. Otherwise, type in a domain name in Section 1 and click the "Check Domain" button to search for an available domain.

Section 1.

Domain Name Check

Check for an available domain name for your organization
www.  .    
Domain name registration for your website is included FREE when you order an EZChurch Site Builder package. Simply check for and select an available domain name that you would like to have for your website (ex: mychurch.org) and then continue through the order process.
Section 2.
Already have a Registered Domain Name?
If you already own and have a registered domain name that you would like to use for your organization, please enter the full domain name below. Ex: mychurch.org (will not affect your existing website)


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